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Wine Quotes & Wine Funnies

These Wine Quotes and Wine Funnies are sure to keep Wine Lovers smiling!


If you have trouble remembering every mistake you've ever made, just pour your mom 3 glasses of wine.

Maxine Wine Funny!

I always drink heavily whenever there’s a blizzard... or a hurricane... or the slightest breeze..

Something is not quite right with my list for the market. Bread, Wine, Milk, Wine, Eggs, Wine, Vitamins, Wine. Oh here's the problem, I don't need the Bread, Milk, Eggs & Vitamins!

May your jelly beans be chewy, peeps be gooey, your beer bring cheer & the wine be devine!! HAPPY EASTER!!!


If anyone ever tells you you put too much Parmesan cheese on your pasta, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

My body is a temple. The fact that the temple is dedicated to Dionysus is irrelevant.

I had to drink the wine...the flowers needed a vase.

Forget about hump day, I'm celebrating Winesday!

Instead of worrying about wine pairing tonight maybe I'll only drink one bottle...

Love... love makes everything better... I'M SORRY.... Wine, wine makes everything better...

Wine and taxes!

Here's to including our bar tab as a tax exemption.

Writing off all the wine I drink would put me in a significantly lower tax bracket. I wish!

Today's forecast: 100% chance of wine! Happy Tax Day??

Wine Quote ~ Angela Valguisti

Tax Day Funny!

  • Donna Hyland

    Worst. Damn. Day. Of. The. Year!

  • Donna Hyland

    If it's not, it should be! In fact, I think it IS, by golly. I believe there is a leaking box of wine in the beer refrigerator. Nicely chilled, within a BIG bowl. Waste not, want not! The cats look at me like I'm batshit crazy, drinking from a large bowl, however:)

Here's to drowning our sorrows About tax day while paying extremely high taxes on the booze we buy! Cheers???

Drinking wine should be tax deductible. Cheers!

Put the wine glass down and step away from the computer! NO WAY!