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Trying to drink healthier? The key is to drink LESS and drink DARKER.

Happy National Drink Wine Day! (Or, as I call it, Tuesday.) What's your wine drinking style?

Today I really am cooking with wine. Just kidding, I'm drinking the wine, and my husband is cooking.

Thrillseeker? Mindful & healthy? Connoisseur? From a jug? (Just kidding on the last one)

Are you someone who's always looking for the next new thing? Or mindful of what's in your wine? Find out, plus get custom-tailored wine recommendations

We’d have a shot at the Olympics if only they had wine tasting as a sport ….

Benefits of buying wine online: better selection, cheap shipping, and most importantly, you can do it from the couch in your sweats.

Ask not what wine has done for you, but rather, what you are willing to do for some wine.

No, I do not have a drinking problem. It's just that I'm working on this craft I found on Pinterest and I need 1587 more wine corks.