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Cute little nursery saying

Momkins | Babiekins

Birthday mornings should start with a bubble run

Funny Pictures - 36 Pics

made these one year & the kids talk about them everychristmas. Need to make them again!

Open and close, frog gobble up thise flys you can also make any animal with this peg tequnique. Havd fun crafting :-)

rock candy recipe for-the-kiddos

Rock Candy Sticks

My Favorite Shel Silverstein Poems

Prevent damage or "dents" in your seats from child car seats. Use yoga mat as cushion!

DIY Yoga Mat Car Seat Protector - A Bird and a Bean

Scripture Study Sam - Using scriptures to answer life's problems for kids.

Sharing Time: The Words of Christ - Friend Mar. 1996 - friend

Toddler Approved!: Felt Faces

Toddler Approved!: Felt Faces

What was the most fun thing you did today? Who do you want to spend time with tomorrow? Can you think of one person we can help tomorrow? What would be the most yummy breakfast you could have in the morning? How many times do you think you smiled today? What kind of dream do you think you might have? Would you like to join me in a prayer?

7 Things to Ask Your Toddler at Bedtime | Stay At Home Susie

Popsical Stick Catapult -- popsicle sticks, rubber bands, bottle cap

Craft Stick Catapult

Hot glue rubbing plates. Make your design with hot glue on a square piece of cardboard, let dry and then hand it over to the kids with some sheets of paper and crayons to rub over.

FreshlyPlanted: create (with kids): Valentine's Week

"Our Get Along Jar" THIS IS SAVING OUR LIVES. It is so simple and easy. Every one of my friends that comes over lately wants to make one of these and so today, I'm giving you the "how to" of my very best mommy secret.

Millions of Miles: Creative Discipline- Our Get Along Jar

Confessions of a Montessori Mom blog: The Working Mom's Guide to Montessori in the Home by Meghan Sheffield of Milkweed & Montessori

How to make sand foam dough, a dough recipe that fizzles, pops, bubbles, and foams like you wouldn't believe!

Erupting Sand Foam Dough ~ Learn Play Imagine

We all want to protect our kids from failure as much as possible, but failure is a natural part of life that they ARE going to experience at one point or another. We can do them a favor by teaching them how to handle failure well from a young age.

Teaching Your Child How to Fail with Grace - Eyes On Heaven

245 Free Printable Colouring Pages from Canadian Family on Facebook

Lego temples

Build In Holy Places: May 2013