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Wise Emergency Foods

Wise Emergency Foods

Wise Emergency Foods takes an innovative approach in providing tasty, dependable, simple & affordable food storage products.

Winter safety - taking these simple steps can go a long way in preventing a fall and serious injury during the winter months. Be careful out there!

Infographic: Winter Home Safety in New England

Winterize Your Car - safety tips and checklists to get your car ready for winter and to avoid accidents.

How to survive Hypothermia...this might come in handy this winter when I am still at the barn at 9pm ;)

Winter Safety Tip #14: #Frostbite is not fun. If you think you're experiencing frostbite, submerge the area in warm water before completely drying. Never rub the frozen area. If you have experienced a medical emergency from the cold, press your keypad's medical alert button or call 911. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tip #3: #Sledding is fun, but can be dangerous if your child isn't properly protected with a helmet or sitting upright. Remember: Hospitals treat around 15,000 children for sledding accidents every year. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tip #18: If shoveling snow, keep your nose and mouth covered. Constriction of blood vessels due to extreme cold plus the exertion can increase your risk of cardiac arrest. If you experience a medical emergency, press the medical alert button on your keypad and call 911. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tip #19: Keep a cooler handy to store food. Store in the snow if you need to, but meats, eggs and cheeses should be thrown out after eight hours. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tip #16: Be especially careful when driving in the #snow or ice. Leave extra room between you and the car in front of you, in the event of hazardous conditions. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tip #1: The cold season calls for wood burning #fires. Make sure it is maple, oak or ash. Never burn old holiday trees. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tip #4: Wintertime calls for ice skating! If skating on a frozen lake, make sure it is approved as a #safe skating zone. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe.

Winter Safety Dress for Success - Avoid the risks of Frostbite

Winter Safety Tip #9: Shoveling snow and #Winter go hand-in-hand. Before beginning your shoveling, do some light stretching to avoid injury. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tip #6: January is the highest rated month for #carbonmonoxide #poisoning. Protect yourself by installing a detector and home security system.

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

This is so important, especially right now! #MeddlingMaude's winter safety checklist for seniors #infographic

Rule of thumb: Dress a child in one more layer than an adult would wear in the same conditions. More winter safety tips:

Winter Safety Tip #5: The strong sun reflecting off #snow can damage your eyesight. Wear goggles or sunglasses if possible. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Winter Safety Tips, because screw freezing to death in a snow bank.

Caught in a storm? Keep safe this winter! Safety Infographic

Winter Safety Tip #15: Cold weather reduces tire pressure. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on your car's tires before driving away. Sincerely, ADT #staysafe

Phil has spoken: six more weeks of winter weather ahead. Now is the perfect time to make sure you know these winter driving tips!