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Painting Really Old People by =Edana

Helpful chart for mixing skin tone colors - oil paint

127 Free DIY Watercolor Videos - Jerry’s Atrarama lets you enjoy more than 120 free watercolor how-to video demonstrations by talented watercolor artists. Beginner or advanced, you’ll find helpful advice and techniques for your watercolor portraits, landscapes, seascapes and more. (Photo: Watercolor video demonstrations by Tom Jones and Linda Kemp) Click through to learn while watching your favorite videos.

photo composition - Golden Ratio - Fibonacci spiral sequence (not the same as the Rule of Thirds) #photography by Jake Garn

101 Photoshop tips you have to know

Famous Photographers: 225 tips to inspire you

Rubbing Alcohol to blend colored pencils

How to Read Histograms and Use it to Expose Perfect Photos by freedigitalphotographytutorials #Photography #Tutorials » Composition 1. Horizontal lines – freedom and open expanses 2. Vertical lines – strength and power 3. Diagonal lines – excitement and motion 4. Single Diagonal line – dramatic contrast 5. Radiated lines – dramatic force and freedom 6. Curved lines – grace, beauty and dignity 7. Upright Triangles – solid strength and stability 8. Inverted Triangles – tension, instability and freedom

A quick and easy way to create a Watermark or Logo for your phtographs {Tempting Thyme} DIY Blog Design #blogging #design

flying! - what a cute idea! Must do with the kiddos!

Yes, You Are Photogenic. Learn these simple tricks to being photogenic.TheOriginalPrep

Flash photography tips: external flash techniques anyone can understand.

101 Pearls of Wisdom: Want to be a better photographer? It's about much more than f/stops & shutter speeds. Here are 101 things you should know about photography if you want to become really, really good at it.