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15 perks of being single *sigh* they forgot to add "watching hours of sex and the city reruns"..... By yourself

When A Mini Is a Giant - Brilliant Advertising of the Mini Cooper www.arcreactions....

When A Mini Is a Giant - Brilliant Advertising of the Mini Cooper

Mini view: Thousands of Minis took to the road to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mini at the annual London to Brighton run

Everything you need to know about spray paint all in one place! This is great!

LiveLoveDIY: 10 Things You Should Know About Spray Paint

who knows when this may come in handy ;) Packing List in Travel Tips

Packing List -

Five Do's and Don'ts in Preparing the Perfect Cover Letter.

Faith in Humanity Restored

Faith in Humanity Restored

How to tie a bowtie, because bowties are cool! Just in case I ever need to know...

26 books that will change the way you see the world. I think I'll put these on my list of books to read in 2014.

How Successful People Stay Calm by Travis Bradberry, forbes: 1. They Appreciate What They Have; 2.They Avoid Asking “What If?”; 3. They Stay Positive; 4. They Disconnect; 5. They Limit Their Caffeine Intake; 6. They Sleep; 7. They Squash Negative Self-Talk; 8. They Reframe Their Perspective; 9. They Breathe; 10. They Use Their Support System #Graph #Stress_Management #Performance

Buying your glasses online could save you hundreds of dollars—here are quick tips on how to do it.

18 things to promote strong positive thinking