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Weight Loss Hall of Fame

Tweet your weight loss curve, using the #TurnOnYourWellBeing hashtag. You can also upload it on our Facebook page ( Note: just do a screencapture of your weight graph on the Web (, or on your smartphone ("WiScale" and "Health Companion" apps).

Dave Taylor posted this message on our Facbook page: "Ending the year almost 30 pounds lighter than I started. Much kudos to Nutrisystem for my focused dieting earlier in the year and boo to the last six weeks as the stress of holidays and various chaos w/ my kids has led me to gain almost 10 pounds from my lowest weight point. 2014's a new year and I'm determined to drop another 15-20 pounds, and my Withings scale will keep me honest with data. " Learn more:

laurənt!  ( a tweté : " Grâce à Withings je vais pouvoir passer les fêtes sereinement. Joyeuses fêtes, vive les produits high-tech français! " En savoir plus :

Gabriele Cancelli posted this message on our Facebook page: " This is my graph for the WEIGHT LOSS HALL OF FAME pinterest. Since i start using withings scale almost 2 years ago i first lost 11 kg, then got a few kg again this autum, but still it's important to track muscle %. Love it! " Learn more:

Bill Day ( tweeted: " Stunning effect of adding MyFitnessPal nutrition tracking to RunKeeper activity tracking (Withings weight chart) " Learn more:

Thorbjørn Kühl posted this message on our FB page: " I'm a little bit proud to say that today I've achieved my lowest weight ever, since I got my Withings Wifi scale! Thanks to Withings Health Mate, Pulse and DietBet! (...) I solemnly promise to hop on that scale every morning from now on, to keep my weight in check, and to catch any jumps in weight before they happen! " Learn more:

Nicolas Morin a partagé ce statut Facebook avec nous : "Je suis passé de 238lbs dans le top à 200lbs!! Je débute mon prochain objectif: 180lbs!!:)))" En savoir plus :

Nicolas Morin ( a tweeté : " Perte de poids! Je suis passé de 238 lbs à 200 lbs. Nouvel objectif: 180 lbs!! :)) On lâche pas! RunKeeper Withings " En savoir plus :

Every morning before breakfast I weighed in on the WiThings Smart Body Analyzer and got my weight and body fat percentage. Here’s how my three months looked. Learn more:

"The Withings wifi scale was easy to use and really needed nothing more than connecting it to wifi and UP then being very diligent on when and how often you weighed yourself." Learn more:

We tweeted: "Hi Frank! Great to hear! ;) How about sharing your testimonial to inspire others? (" Frank Caron ( tweeted: " Withings MyFitnessPal I may take you up on that. I certainly have the graph to tell the story! " Learn more:

Here are 2 short testimonials submitted by Withingers, who illustrate the benefits of connected health. Different kinds of people, with specific health tracking needs, use Withings devices and apps to care more for what they care for. If this is your case too, please consider sharing your experience with us (you will find the contact info at the end of this post).

jyv (, qui s'occupe de la communauté des lecteurs de Doctissimo, a tweeté : " Withings allez ! Avec çà, je peux ? " Alors que nous lui proposions de partager sa courbe de poids afin de faire partie de notre album Pinterest "Weight Loss Hall of Fame". C'est fait ! :) En savoir plus : Digital Health - Quantified Self - Suivi Santé - eSanté - mSanté - rythme cardiaque - qualité de l'air intérieur