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Must-have sweatshirt for all occasions

I'll just take...hmmm ALL OF IT!

Harry Potter | Geek Armory

Never Whole Again by ~CrystallizedTwilight on deviantART This is beautiful...I love Snape...always.

An extra room in Harry Potter

I did the same thing.

Harry Potter Valentines. AMAZING.

Couldn't resist....had to adorable!!!

And this is why everyone should play Quidditch!

These little owls include certificates from Hogwarts West Tower Owlery documenting their hatching. Love it!

haha! i laughed a little too much when i saw this.

Haha! This is wonderful. I wish someone would do this for me!

Marauder's Map cake (Harry Potter)

A Dreamworks animator shows what would happen in Harry Potter’s world if the spells didn’t go as planned. Pretty funny actually.

Sigh. Muggles. Ahahahahaha!

Fangirl Voldemort

The importance of Hermione. This is super interesting.