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#fc3arch: Architecture @FC3Architecture On the Boards (Catskills, NY)

Remember, if the Mayan Apocalypse is real, I could have saved you since I love Mayan Architecture .....

BLOGS WORTH READING - 1260-Proposed-In-Progress-31 #efabism #efab @frankcunhaiii #architect #designer #madman

Blogging for Architects by Collier Ward via Slideshare

#efab designs take many forms and many styles -- the beauty is derived from the creation of balance between factors ... efabism

#architect #efab By considering the design factors as three parts of a whole, maximizing each factor, and striving to create a thoughtful balance between the factors, better design can theoretically be achieved by applying each factor in the most appropriate way. The designer seeks to maximize the "Econo-functional Aesthetic Balance" Assuming the designer is given finite resources, finding the right balance between the factors will have a great impact on the success of the design.

The artistic balance created by design is theoretically in place for the entire life of the building. To me, it is the artistic soul of the building. I call this artistic soul "Econo-functional Aesthetic Balance" or E-FAB. #architect #efab

These three factors represent the absolute minimum derivative constituent parts without which architecture would not be what it is. --THIS IS IMPORTANT #architect #efab #archi

E-fab Man - part Vitruvian man, part Modular Man, a balance of right and left brain ... #architect #efab

"My existence was beginning to cause me some concern. Was I a mere figment of the imagination?"

Three Questions: Deborah Gans—Architect, Professor, and Author - RECORD spoke to Gans about various topics, including a recent event that got her thinking more about designing for social impact right at home.

Coffee - its whats for dinner !!!

I wanted to become an architect to help people. People need well designed shelter for themselves, families, businesses and all type of endeavour that requires sheltered space. Architecture has the power to create beautifully effective shelter for the needs, hopes, dreams and memories of humankind, both collectively and individually. This design philosophy is an attempt to reconcile and bring design factors into an equilibrium, and create a NEW sustainable "architectural gestalt"