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I might have pinned this before but it's good.

Children, gender, and toys |

Dec. 2013: Ashley Campbell has cystic fibrosis & needs a double lung transplant. She is down to 15% lung capacity. Her fundraiser has only reached 10% of its goal. I often hear the lie that atheists are amoral & do not help people. I am asking all my atheist friends to donate at least $1 (or $5 or more if you can), and to share this post. Let's show the world what secular humanism can do ♥

I should break your face…

This is why we need feminism.

"Last week, we learned that Brittany Wenger, 17, created a computer "brain" that can diagnose breast cancer with 99% sensitivity. Last year, we learned that Angela Zhang, also 17, developed a nanoparticle that can be delivered to the site of a cancerous tumor, where it kills cancer stem cells. I'd say the future is in very good hands." (Click through for article on Angela.)

“I am doing this for my Mother who earned 3 pounds 10 shillings for working a forty hour week in a weaving shed." - Sir Patrick Stewart --- Can I also add that he's an anti-domestic violence advocate. Love him!