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Word Work Ideas

I don't know about you, but I have a TON of boys in my class this year, and this will really help them with blending words. They take a car, and drive over each letter as they say the sound. They then flip it over to see if they are correct. Then you have the option of the response sheet. There is now CCVC words in addition to CVC.

Sound Boxes: A kiddo starts by standing to the left side OUT of the first box. If the word is bus, he hops into the first box and says /b/. He then hops into the 2nd box and says /u/. He hops into the 3rd box and says /s/. Finally, he hops OUT of the box and says the word bus.

Walking the S - Great kinesthetic activity for kids learning the alphabet. Works with any letter. Have child walk heel-toe, heel toe and maneuver the S like a balance beam. Special needs, preschool, kindergarten, homeschool, alphabet fun- If you're worried about not being able to remove the tape- use painters tape or look for other easily removable tape.