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five instructional videos on taping yourself for Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, shinsplints and ankle sprains.

Kinesio Taping May Be Mildly Effective

This haunting collection of images shows what it would look like if the ghosts of World War II returned to modern streets.The remarkable pictures overlay modern scenes from France with atmospheric photographs taken in the same place during the war. Historical expert Jo Teeuwisse, from Amsterdam, began the project after finding 300 old negatives at a flea market in her home city depicting familiar places in a very different context.

Nesting: Phase I... Simple Solutions for getting your house in order! :) www.weebly.jordan...

And, now, I'm pinning my friend, the fabulous @Melissa Squires Squires fenton! *~*~*~ SURREAL! I am pinning MYSELF!! You know what I want my kids to experience this summer? The same type of summer I would have experienced in the late 1970s. The exact same one. I survived it, and they will too.

10 Ways To Give Your Kids An Honest-To-Goodness 1970s Summer

7 Simple Hair Fall Control Home Remedies : Aloe Vera juice is very effective to stop hair loss. Pure aloe gel can be applied directly to the scalp. This is helpful for preventing hair loss.