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Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening

How To Grow Tomatoes From Cuttings

How To Grow Tomatoes From Cuttings - Northern Homestead

Step-by-step making tire planters - including flower shapes, and tires with rims on (which make pedestals). Awesome!

making tire planter

@Mandy Brannam this made me think of you! Companion planting

mixing your own soil tips= amazing. Especially the part where you use hot water to wet the newly mixed soil and waiting a couple days before planting seeds :)

Seed Starting 101: Soil Mix | Chiot's Run

Container Gardening | How to grow lemon fruit trees in containers

Lemon tree for Container Gardening

When to start seeds indoors

Researchers are finding evidence that beautyberry, long used as a folk remedy, really is an effective natural insect repellent. Originally published as

Natural Insect Repellent: Beautyberry Banishes Bad Biting Bugs

Grow more, save space, and harvest with ease by using these basic techniques for vertical gardening. Originally published as

Vertical Gardening Tips

Learn what to plant along with your tomato plants to help your tomato plants produce MORE tomatoes and be healthier and more productive.

Companion Gardening With Tomatoes: What to Plant

Seed Starting Chart - printable; Create your Seed-Starting Plan!

Seed Starting Chart

Drip irrigation reuse for Container Gardening: reuse a plastic bottle! "Leaving the bottle right-side-up and and poking the small hole(s) in the bottom of the 2 liter bottle, because then I can screw the cap back on and keep bugs, like mosquitoes, and garden debris out of the water reservoir"

Container Garden Pop Bottle Drip Irrigation

How To Grow Fresh Fruit And Vegetables With Straw Bales | DIY Tag

How To Grow Fresh Fruit And Vegetables With Straw Bales | DIY Tag

Keeping track

Grow Your Own Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden

Plan Ahead For Your Winter Vegetable Garden

Plan Ahead For Your Winter Vegetable Garden

what a creative idea for your graden fence...home made spray painted ceramic dishes, miss-matched frames....I love this