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I don't know if I really like it....but I still think it's cool just because it reminds me of a superhero! ha! Antique 14K Black Gold 1.5 CT Blue Sapphire Designer Engagement Ring

The Walking Dead RISK board game

Dichloroacetic acid

The Big Bang Theory Matrioshka Dolls

You should clearly never date a person who has not seen/does not like Star Wars... well the original ones, not so much I-III

John Green is my hero

I didn't understand all my years of obsession with this game... Till now. Really puts things into perspective...

Harry Potter Inspired Boastful Ceramic Mug by AfternoonCoffee... why are there so many cute mugs!?

Boba Fett Motorcycle Jackets From UD Replicas

10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations

10 Historical Titans With Surprising Tattoos | Mental Floss

Gotta love superheroes

26 Quick & Easy Dump Cakes Recipes

Copy Cat Chick Fil A Nuggets

Lasagna Timpno {Lasagna Bowl} Gorgeous and YUM!

Build your own storage bins! Onions, potatoes. Or shoes and hats. Or toys and clothes. Love these!

Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions)

French Toast Strata with Raspberries...easy one-dish holiday breakfast