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This is self explanatory as to why it's so awesome.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Shaped Bottle Opener

The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge... lists all the books that Rory read during the series. This is actually a pretty awesome list!

Fighter planes fly in formation over the USS Missouri, while the surrender ceremonies to end World War II take place aboard the U.S. Navy battleship, on September 2, 1945.

Heart of San Francisco

Make a new t-shirt look perfectly vintage (and feel it, too). Here’s how, from Men’s Health. - Makes them softer and cozier

THIS is the primer to use when spray painting furniture. No comparison to any other. Literally no sanding required, and no bumpy sand paper feel after the primer has dried.

Super Moon in Seattle

I LOVE HER!!!! For those who never get it when they receive a text of a picture of me giving them them "the face" or when I reference it! It's old...but it still confuses people, funny! (explicit)

An emergency binder is a place to store birth and marriage certificates, passports, social security cards, home insurance information, car insurance information, emergency cash, missing fliers for your family members, etc. Its all in one convenient place that is easy to grab on your way out the door.

Words to live by!!

The year you were born, the year you met, and the year you got married! So cute!