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My Worst Travel Moments – Women on the Road

My Worst Travel Moments – Women on the Road

French patisserie shop window - or, how do you tell your friends and family you're leaving home to see the world - at 43?

Assembly Hall and Tree of Guernica, one of the few things to survive the 1937 bombing of this little town by the Nazis.

Living like a local in Sariyer, a former fishing village near Istanbul

My new travel e-book - for baby boomer women!

  • An

    Looks really interesting!

  • Tina Boomerina - Baby Boomer Chick

    This looks good. I don't do solo travel, but I should have tried it when I was single. All those years I could have gone to Paris and I was afraid to go alone.

I was able to travel for more than 3 years on my own on US$ 11,000 - but that's because I worked along the way. Depending on your skills there might be jobs for you too (this photo is from UNICEF, where I was able to work for a week during my travels). Chances are you'll need some skills - but you'd be surprised at what's needed out there. Worth a try, no?

Many monasteries have turned themselves into guesthouses in these difficult financial times. They're a great place to stay if you're looking for a bit of quiet or serenity as you travel.

How do you cope with travel safety? Are you ever concerned about theft or personal safety? Do you worry about dangerous places? Are you a solo traveler? This great new ebook was written jointly by a veteran traveler and a UN security advisor so you'll be getting it straight from the horse's mouth, including such unusual advice as avoiding kidnapping and carjacking, dealing with travel in conflict zones, or simply what to do if your hotel is on fire or you lose all your papers.

Have you ever thought of doing some volunteer work overseas while you travel?

15 questions you should ask yourself before choosing the best womens backpack for your travels - such as wheels or not? big or small? internal or external frame?

The Best Women's Backpack

If you've ever wanted to run away and see the world... if you're a woman who wants to travel solo but you don't know where to start...