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Fun Activities for Blind and Visually Impaired Children

Got a bored kid and don't know what to do? Here are fun games and activities for children who are visually impaired.

All-wood connect four game! The game includes 42 wooden playing pieces - half in natural dark wood, and the remainder are painted white. What's more, The dark checkers have a large hole in the center to make it easy for blind players to tell them apart from the white ones. And once it's time to put the game away, you simply tuck all the discs into the board, fold the board down flat into the included wooden base, and lock everything in place with two sturdy wooden pins.

Amazing quicksand play dough - it is mold-able but turns to liquid when kids hands are still. This recipe for play requires just a couple ingredients and NO COOKING!

Erica used a metal oil drop pan to create this braille magnet board. Add some adhesive Velcro patches and magnets and you've got a fun (and educational) play space!

  • Lindielee Adamus

    I can't find examples of mounting it to the wall without Velcro or putting huge hails in the wall. I'd like to hang it like a picture frame but have no idea how. Can anyone help?

  • Amber Bobnar

    How about drilling 2 small holes in the top of the tray and threading string through to hang like a picture? Or maybe putting 2 small screws in the top and tying string to them to hang the tray.

  • Lindielee Adamus

    Hum...I've never drilled through metal. Do you mean screws with bolts on them?

  • Amber Bobnar

    I've drilled through metal to hang magnetic chalkboards. It's easy if you have the right tools. If you used screws you could use a pointy screw to get the hole started then replace w a flat screw w a bolt on it.

  • Lindielee Adamus

    Thank you! Is the pointy screw called a pilot? I seam to remember my dad had a name for the starter. Thanks for the info

Braille & Father's Day a great comination with this class hand print craft. "Done with her hand print and dad rocks spelled out in Braille. She had fun helping me make! " * for more fun activities for children who are blind and visually impaired.

Ivan's Occupational Therapist suggested finding simple activities he could do that would require him to use one hand to stabilize while the other hand is engaged. Making a Bead Container is a super simple and inexpensive way to do just that!

Top 25 Web Sites for Gamers who are Blind from 7-128 software. Updated for 2014!

Students at Perkins School for the Blind take accessible tactile art classes. Find ideas for art projects!

A Sight-free Sensory Scavenger Hunt and making a birthday party accessible for all @ Nerd & Nurturer: An Accessible Birthday Party

Fun for kids! Beep Kickball is an adapted sport that can be played by kids who are blind or visually impaired. The game is played in a grassy field with a kickball that beeps and two bases that buzz.