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Music and Blind Children

Music reaches kids and motivates them in amazing ways! Find out how you can use music to help your blind child develop or just have fun creating music crafts!

The Lime Lighter: low vision music-reading device, operated by a foot pedal, advances music on the screen to the next measure. It displays magnified print music notation, & enables you to markup your music on the screen with a special stylus and save for later. You can listen to music play back at your desired tempo. *Visit for more music resources for students who are visually impaired

A Song For New Babies And New Parents: “For All The World’s Children”

Homemade, child-safe shaker eggs for Easter or Spring celebrations!

The tin whistle as a great "first instrument" for a child.

Earth Day Anthem - "We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands" Lyrics and free mp3 download here!

"All Natural Percussion" - How world cultures use sticks, stones and bamboo reeds as musical instruments

Making and playing a homemade "bombo" drum.

Making and playing a homemade "bombo" drum.

We have recently been looking into Music Therapy as a way to help Scarlett progress musically and have been visited by a specialist in the field from UK based charity the RNIB. Here is an account of the visit and the informal notes made about Scarlett and what actions can be taken to further progress this love of music.

Playing River Rocks as An Instrument - Hawaiian ili'ile.

"Beach In A Bottle" musical rattle craft and great ways to play rattles one-on-one with a child or as part of classroom/homeschool music-making.

Write Your Own “12 Days Of Christmas” Carol! From the Kids Music Blog, Tiny Tapping Toes

Rockabye Butterfly makes some awesome jingle sticks for holiday musical fun!

Read the music translates sheet music into sound for visually impaired *repinned by

Marching Jingle Sticks - easy to make from recycled materials. Plus musical games to play with them!

Count to 12 and Create a Recycled Rattle From An Egg Carton!

The Pacay shaker - a rattle that grows on a tree!

Hear, Color or make your own version of a Peruvian Cajón (box drum)

Can You Kazoo? | Tiny Tapping Toes

Play A Washboard – With Your Child! | Tiny Tapping Toes

Best Instruments for Quiet Time With A Child

A video of Ivan in in music therapy class at Perkins School for the Blind. More info about music therapy: www.wonderbaby.or...

  • Mica Ensign

    He seems to really love Bebot! I just purchased the app after watching Ivan use it. Gabby is only 3 1/2, but we are always looking for ways to involve her/motivate her at home and at preschool. She is non verbal so right now we are using the Big Mack switch, so she can participate in her classroom by picking out activities for classmates to do or participate in circle time. Thanks so much for sharing! So inspiring :)

  • WonderBaby Resources for Parents of Blind Kids

    He does love the iPad! They've been using Bebot at school and now I'm thinking we should get it for home too. He also really likes ThumbJam!

  • Mica Ensign

    That's great! Pretty sure our oldest had ThumbJam-ill have him show it to Gabby after school today. Thanks again!

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