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Wonder Forest

Wonder Forest

hey, i'm dana! i run a blog called wonder forest (link below)! i am a designer and artist from canada with a mind that never sleeps. come visit me and say hi!

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends! It's time for my annual Envye sale! All Blogger and Wordpress templates are just $25 TODAY ONLY!!!! Spread the word :)

Set dates and deadlines for yourself, or nothing will get accomplished

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work work work.... in nice spaces. Like the shelves to the right of the artwork.

Office Organization Inspiration

These chic desktops and home offices will inspire you to create the perfect workspace.

Office Makeover Time... | Wonder Forest: Design Your Life.


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Free Fall Inspired iPhone/iPod Wallpapers. Enjoy! | Wonder Forest: Design Your Life.

Puzzlewood Forest, said to be one of Tolkien’s inspirations for Middle-Earth in The Lord of the Rings, Gloucestershire, England

Marble Cathedral - Patagonia, Chile

Lemonade Blogger Template

"In the last few months, I've come to a realization. I cannot keep this to myself anymore. I cannot pass it off as just "something that people go through sometimes". I cannot worry about what other people think or let their opinions cast a shadow on the issue. I've become more and more aware of what a problem anxiety (and depression) is across the globe and it's simply not right that all of us who suffer feel like we should keep it to ourselves..."