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Nelson Lakes, New Zealand

Valloires Abbey Garden- France

Valloires Abbey Garden- France

One of the most amazing gardens I've walked through.

  • Enomis Nidrob

    Well, you need to get back over to Landers Rd since Rob did some weeding. May have to re-post your favourite garden ;)

San Francisco.

Kayaking the Capo Vaticano, Calabria, Italy

Australia's Amazing Bioluminescent Lake. An unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans, a bioluminescent microorganism, turned the water a bright, glowing, ethereal blue.

Perissa Beach Santorini. Swam next to that mountain every day for 3 months. Yes, I am living in the past tonight

Emerald Lake Lodge- Paul and I had an amazing time here... I feel a little sad I may not be there again...