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McDonald's supplier closed in expired meat scandal

Yum and McDonald's in expired meat scandal | The World of Chinese

The Museum of Roast Duck

The Museum of the Roast Duck | The World of Chinese

Get Your Claws Into Xiaolongbao

Get Your Claws Into Xiaolongbao | The World of Chinese

Rich Chinese enjoy innovative way to eat whilst suspended from crane in Shanghai

Award Winning Chinese Food (With Recipes) - Imgur

chinese food recipes | Chinese Food Recipes #food #recipes

Moon cake

« Moon cakes » of different sorts

Chinese Spicy Cucumber Salad by kirbiescravings #Salad #Cucumber #Spicy

5 Most Common Xinjiang Foods

5 most common Xinjiang foods | The World of Chinese

Chinese food cupcakes made out of tootsie rolls & sprinkles! AWESOME!! :D

Birthday Party Blog

Sichuan Red Chilli Chicken Recipe It's basically tiny cubes of diced chicken, deep fried and coated with Sichuan pepper, and tossed in a mountain of dried red chillies. Tongue-numbing, fragrant and delicious. www.tofoodwithlov...

To Food with Love: Sichuan Red Chilli Chicken

Easy Chinese Dumplings - including dough recipe. Could easily make with seitan or tofu instead of pork/beef. Yum!

Easy Chinese Food Recipe - Original Taiwanese

Sweet and Sour Mushrooms

Sweet and Sour mushrooms recipe | The World of Chinese

Kung Pao Chicken(Gong Bao Chicken)_Chicken Recipes_China Food Menu - best chinese food and chinese recipes

Have you tried China’s Most Famous Noodles?

Sea cucumber, steamed urchin, and penis fish. Delish!

Recipe: Yunnan-Style Sweet and Sour Ribs. Enjoy this classic Chinese dish by doing it at home

Eight Regional Cuisines of China: Traveling China by taste

Spring into Spring Bamboo Shoots. Common braising methods introduced, along with a tasty recipe

STIR-FRIED NOODLES WITH SNOWPEAS AND MEAT Learn how to make this simple yet classic Chinese noodle dish

“This girl said she recognized me from Vegetarian Club. That’s strange, as I’d never met herbivore!”