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bedroom by Kim Armstrong

traditional hunting lodge gets blue room modern update

Painting walls and ceilings the same dark color blurs spatial lines and makes a small kitchen seem bigger |

Here’s a clever trick if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning a runner: Paint one on the floor instead.

Rule of thumb for coming up with a cohesive color scheme (in any room): Choose one color for 60 percent of the room, use two accent hues (15 percent each), and spice things up with a “pop” color that’s brighter than all the others (10 percent).

Write down "Pantone 2955C" and take it anywhere they mix paint. Using that code, they should be able to give you this exact color. Good to know.

fearless colors

Handmixing your own colors & applying them to white tiles spares you the headache of searching everywhere for the perfect color. Also, consider using this method for a tiled backsplash in a kitchen, a tiled kitchen table or take the idea into the bath.

Get a color swatch, ask for a sample of each color. It will be enough for each drawer, even for a second coat.

Motion Font 250 x 16,383. GraffitiLab for #ExperimentsInMotion. Drawn at the pixel limit of Adobe, Motion Font forces the reader to scroll which activates and incorporates the neighboring Pinterest images into the font itself, like billboards to the highway, a complete understanding of the text emerges.

visitheworld: Colorful passage in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia (by sharpeyes44).