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painting portraiture male I

A watercolor portrait by Sargent

Painting a Portrait. Or paint over a canvas print using acrylic mixed with gel for texture.

How to Paint a Portrait in Oil - Part 1

Rolling Stones illustrated by Stavros Damos

Chuck Close Pic 3


Maron Resur ''

Ilya Repin - Leo Tolstoy Barefoot 1901

Magic Realism Paintings - Belinda Eaton

Magic Realism Paintings - Belinda Eaton

Eric Pedersen

Eric Pedersen - Pimps, Playas, and Heart-breakahs

Ray Turner Untitled (2010) Oil on glass 12 by 12 inches

This is a really neat vector image. I like how detailed it is with shading and the many lines that creates the realistic looking wrinkles in the shirt, veins and hair. Also it appears that the light is in front of him based on the shading from the light to gradual dark in the face. vector portrait

Simon Davis

Brendan Kelly 'General Sir Mike Jackson'

Royal Society of Portrait Painters

Sir Stanley Spencer, ‘Self-Portrait’ 1914

'Self-Portrait', Sir Stanley Spencer | Tate

Linda Anderson

Yo que crei que la luz era mia by Karen Kruse

Horst Janssen, Self-portrait

Portrait of a Man - Vincent van Gogh, 1888

Portrait of a Man - Vincent van Gogh -

Steve Hanks ~ amazing watercolor artist! ~ little boy in shallow ocean

2014年03月21日 Sunzheng


Daphne Todd

Royal Society of Portrait Painters

Prince William age, 17 by John Wonnacott

Sean Cheetham

The Artist’s Son - Ilya Repin

Oil Pastel Self-portrait - Conway High School Art Project

Artwork published by Michael22471

Marc in Grisaille by Julian Hsiung