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Writing Prompts

Suffering from Writer’s Block? Not for long, after you look through these pins!

Writing Prompt: Describe something that terrifies you so much, it would give you nightmares. The scary Santa Clown — so you better watch out cause he is coming to town. FOR YOU! | 15 Types Of Stock Photo Clowns That Will Haunt Your Dreams

15 Types Of Stock Photo Clowns That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Writing Prompt: This photo of what is believed to be "The White Lady," taken at the Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Illinois has been subjected to examination by three different and independent experts through digitization and inspection of the pixels and has been determined to be genuine. Tell your favorite ghost story.

Writing Prompt: How do you fight writer's block?

Susan's Thoughts and Ramblings: From a t-shirt
  • Sick Emotions l

    I find that forcing yourself to write through it, looking at images , words, quotes, and lyrics help..

Writing Prompt

The Sarcastic Muse Writing Community : Photo

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt

WRITER #1 :Tell the story about what led up to this scene and why it is important that this man recovers quickly. WRITER #2 : Add to the the first writer's story. WRITER #3 : Share your thoughts or the life lesson. WRITER #1 : Read the story. Edit and revise it for clarity. Give it a title. Lesson link (Photo source link provided below)

Downtown Monks: THE SALT ON MY PATH...

Writing Prompt: Write a story from the perspective of a Police dog.

Writing Prompt: You are forced to take a series of detours on your way to work. Do you discover anything new along the way? Did you get lost?

Recovering from a Paleo Detour | Paleo Leap

Writing Prompt: If you could take your favorite author on a date, where would you take him/her? What would you do?

20 Fun Dr. Seuss Themed Writing Prompts! - Might use some of these for my writing lessons when we begin incorporating Dr. Seuss books into our lessons

20 Fun Dr. Seuss Themed Writing Prompts! | Minds in Bloom