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Writing Prompts

Suffering from Writer’s Block? Not for long, after you look through these pins!

Writing Prompt: Describe your favorite Halloween candy without saying the name of it.

Halloween Candy Bark Recipe | Just a Taste

Writing Prompt

Daily Writing Prompts | Sarah Selecky

Writing Prompt: Describe a day in your favorite autumn location with your favorite author. Lower Lewis River Falls, Washington

Writing Prompt: What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences?

Twelve Terrifying Two Sentence Horror Stories | NedNote
  • Liam H.

    No. I haven't had the chance.

  • Teya Love

    A blood piercing scream echoed from her mothers lips as one last breath was taken. It was her turn now.

  • Taylor Jones

    Hearing his mother call him from the kitchen, he made his way to the stairs, only to be grabbed and pulled into the nearest closet." Mom, didn't you just call- "Shh I heard it too."

  • Liam H.


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Writing Prompt: Describe something that terrifies you so much, it would give you nightmares. The scary Santa Clown — so you better watch out cause he is coming to town. FOR YOU! | 15 Types Of Stock Photo Clowns That Will Haunt Your Dreams

15 Types Of Stock Photo Clowns That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Writing Prompt: This photo of what is believed to be "The White Lady," taken at the Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Illinois has been subjected to examination by three different and independent experts through digitization and inspection of the pixels and has been determined to be genuine. Tell your favorite ghost story.

Writing Prompt: How do you fight writer's block?

Susan's Thoughts and Ramblings: From a t-shirt
  • Sick Emotions l

    I find that forcing yourself to write through it, looking at images , words, quotes, and lyrics help..

  • Taylor Jones

    Hell this gave me a new story idea. An Imaginary friend is refusing to speak to you. bloody brilliant.

  • Sick Emotions l

    What gave you the idea? Glad i could help ! Peace and believe in God ♥

  • Taylor Jones

    the words on the pin gave me the idea. Thanks.

Writing Prompt

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