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Compare and Contrast Bats and Birds

This personal narrative writing unit will cover 2 or more weeks of writing lesson plans! It is appropriate for 1st and 2nd graders and meets Common Core State Standards (W.1.3, W.1.5, W.2.3, and W.2.5). Students will write about going to a special place and a special day they have had.

Anchor charts can be content area rich too...organizing facts about a certain topic will help your students absorb that information.

Bats, Spiders and Ghosts - Oh My! (A New Unit!)

Easy way to introduce students to the scientific method using bananas - 1st / 2nd grade science. Free printable science journal worksheet scientific method journal

Bat Directed Drawing Tutorial

Bat Directed Drawing Tutorial

Guided Reading ideas and organization + reading lesson organization routines

Mrs. Gilchrist's Class: Sight Words PowerPoint Freebie

Introducing the scientific process with some prompts to use when talking and writing.

Here's a nice anchor chart for young students on steps in a scientific method.

FREE National Geographic ebook on bats.

A First Grade Fairy Tale: Firsties can balance on both sides of the equal sign

Two Can Do It: Balanced Equations (Worksheet)

First Grade Wow: addition

First Grade Wow: addition

4 Page FREEBIE from my October printables unit!!!

Teacher Bits and Bobs: Broken Bones, Bats, and a Thanksgiving Words BONUS!!

Bat rhyming/not rhyming (free!!)

Bat Graph: "Cute or Creepy?" (from The First Grade Parade)

Addition Tic-Tac-Toe - This could be used as an opportunity for students to practice addition problem solving strategies learnd through CGI such as adding all the tens and then the ones, making tens, counting on, etc.

How to Draw a Bat (and a cute one at that!) Art Projects for Kids I'm pinning this under "writing" because so many kids who struggle with handwriting and executive function are embarrassed by their inability to draw. It makes the method of "starting with a picture" especially in primary school, difficult.