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WSJ Tech & Gadgets

  • 280 Pins

Bill Nye on Science, Space and Bow Ties

  • Alastair Habaner0

    He made bow ties cool way before The Eleventh Doctor!

  • Sir Fox

    He’s an actor, TV host, and comedian. I liked him when he was making model volcanoes, and entertaining children. I take issue with him weighing in on scientific matters. He is not a scientist. He has never conducted research. He holds no advanced degrees. He has an undergraduate degree, and it isn’t even in a scientific field (mechanical engineering). He should return to what he is qualified for, and very good at: entertaining children. Scientific policy should not be influenced by actors.

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Leech expert Mark Siddall on his go-to gear for repelling insects and staving stonefish

Sennheiser Urbanite Headphones: Ace of Bass

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