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Grubenhaus - Sunken featured buildings

BRP Archaeology ‏@brparchaeology Note the tags marking the various cuts and fills for our early medieval building

Twitter / brparchaeology: Note the tags marking the various ...

Reconstitution d’une cabane excavée à 6 poteaux.

Four à vocation culinaire, avec son dôme d’argile très bien conservé.

Modèle de cabane excavée à 6 poteaux.

Två arkeologer sitter på kanten till ett grophus.

Caistor Anglo-Saxon building

Birnie, Scotland: Sunken floor of a small oval building, probably Pictish in date (around 400-1000 AD)

Abandoned village of Marslebe

1) Turves removed from pit area and laid as base of surrounding walls 2) Pit dug and earth piled around edges 3) Earth formed into walls, and shored-up on both sides 4) Ridge posts and beam set up 5) Main rafters set up 6) End wall plates laid 7) Framing of end walls 8) Well-fitting door inserted 9) Rafters set-up 10) cross-pieces fixed to hold thatch 11) Roof thatched, and end walls daubed. Interior cracks sealed with clay

Sunken Featured Building

Grubenhaus, Langobardenwerkstatt Zethlingen

St Margaret's, Leicester