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Warm and Cool Colors-done as an advanced sample for my students to see how to tweak the simpler version.

A Fun Game - art class handout and complete substitute teacher lesson!

Click to view video and full tutorial. Doodle prompt by Heidi Denney. Sharpie art Tangle

5th Grade Emphasis… Work In Progress - Artistic Freedom

Zentangle landscapes, lovely on colored paper ~ A zentangle landscape would B a great project for school age kids from Grade 5 up.

Art Projects for Kids: Make Your Own Mona Lisa. Download my free template that has just the face and hands, and have students draw in the missing parts. Enjoy!

The Longest Line....Make one continuous line and then add shapes and color only the shapes. I believe there is a book by Davis with this assignment (the Line workbook?)

Ms. Malone's Substitute Lesson Plans for the Art Room

Great 1 day collaborative class exercise using post-its to illustrate the grid drawing technique. They loved it. They had no idea ahead of time what the image was and it was like magic when it was slowly pieced together.

What would you keep in a jar? Art project for any age. Make "how to draw jar" sheet for sub perhaps. Be creative. Use your imagination. Great journal / warm up

An hour lesson plan good for elementary classroom teachers, art teachers and substitute teachers alike! All you need is paper, colored pencils, black markers! $

Possible Sub Lesson: Patterns for Coloring blog LOADED with coloring sheets.

create a circle. inside that circle, there needs to be 3-4 inner circles of different sizes. 3-4 curved lines intersecting other lines. 5-6 different designs in all...a different motif in each section. may use black and white or colored pencils, markers.

The smARTteacher Resource: Abstract Line Art

The Coil Pot Game is a high energy skill game we play during those crazy days that one class is ahead, another behind, or a snow delay has left us no other choice in scheduling! It is also a great lesson for a substitute teacher to follow through with- quick and easy directions for someone not comfortable with usual art plans. Students are divided into teams of 3-4 and given equal amounts of modeling clay per group. They are given a review on rolling coils, using a "pancake" bottom and...