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Fly Fishing Bucket List

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CasterBridge Grayling Fishing

Day Ticket Prices | Chalkstream Fly Fishing on the River Frome

Bill had a great time when he journeyed to the lake known as the Wabatongushi and stayed at @Rachel Errington's Wilderness Island Lodge located in beautiful Ontario's Algoma Country. He describes this beautiful lake as being full of walleye and great pike! Check out Bill's full review of his time on the Wabatongushi and catch the full-length episode of The New Fly Fisher at the end of his review

What goes great with fishing?? More fishing! Host Rebekka Redd is currently on location filming the new season of The New Fly Fisher! She sent us this awesome picture of a walleye she hooked on the fly!

Another great photo of host Rebekka Redd with this little pike on the fly! Rebekka is equipped with her Abel Reels reel and nice Fishbum Outfitters t-shirt! She is set to chase all different kinds of fish out in Ontario's Algoma Country as she is filming the latest season of The New Fly Fisher! Looking good Rebekka!

Big Northern Pike on the fly.

What a fantastic article about how to fly fish for pike! Matt Hayes' Guide to Fly Fishing Guide for Pike will guide you through all the important facts you will need to know why trying to land a massive pike on the fly!

Matt Hayes’ Guide to Fly Fishing for Pike Part 1 : Guideline

Won't be long... so get your small silversides, bay anchovy, and peanut bunker patterns tied NOW, while there's still time! When these little speedsters finally arrive, you'll want to be ready! - nate

Native Trout Fly Fishing: California Golden Trout

Native Trout Fly Fishing: California Golden Trout

California Golden Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita

California Golden Trout Photography and Fly Fishing

California Golden Trout underwater black and white fly fishing photography

Fly Fishing Trout and Fish Underwater Photography Images

FlyFishing Grayling in Colorado

Colorado Grayling Fly Fishing | August 10, 2012

Nick Coe, Boise Idaho - bull trout

pscheen's image

Grebe Lake in Yellowstone National Park. Grebe Lake is a popular destination for day hikers, backpackers and fishermen. Anglers will enjoy fishing for arctic grayling in one of the few places in the Lower 48 that still supports a natural population of this rare and beautiful fish.

Conway Bowman | Fishing | Bull Trout

Bull Trout

Native Trout Fly Fishing: Bull Trout

Nice Bull! great Bamboo rod and way cool net. Great style points awesome!

Fly fishing caught bull trout

Friday fishing photos - DRYFT™ Fishing Waders

Rebekka is currently out on a shoot with Costa Sunglasses and here is one of her TWO massive Rooster fish from yesterday!!! We also heard she caught Durado today! Here is a release shot.

Rooster Fish on the fly!!!!! Definitely on my bucket list....

Alaska Grayling.JPG by fishwithjd, via Flickr


Greenback Cutthroat Trout: coldwater fish belonging to the trout, salmon and whitefish family; have dark, round spots on sides and tail and 2 colorful blood-red stripes on each side of the throat under the jaw; during the spring spawning season the entire belly may become crimson red; originally lived in the mountain and foothill areas of the Arkansas and South Platte river systems in CO and part of Wyoming

California golden trout , photographed on Golden Trout Creek near Big Whitney Meadow, 09/26/09. Photo by Michael Carl.

Fly fishing caught bull trout

Bull Trout. By Will Jordan. While fishing the Elk River just outside Fernie, BC, I watched a bull trout swallow a 16 inch cutthroat I had hooked. I was able to land the bull, pull the cutthroat out and release both back to the river. Rare day on the water, indeed.

Casting at Shadows: Christmas Island DVD - Fishwest