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The Best Companies That Customize Ikea Furniture: From slipcovers to cabinet fronts, here's everything you need to jazz up Ikea. via @Domaine

The Best Companies That Customize Ikea Furniture

Antioxidant Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut Oil. This coffee scrub is known to help reduce cellulite. This coffee body scrub also smells amazing! I am a die-hard coffee lover, so I am in heaven when I use it!

Antioxidant Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut Oil - The Coconut Mama

10 Totally Ingenius, Ridiculously Stylish IKEA Hacks // Live Simply by Annie

Benjamin Moore Cabinet Coat paint; self-leveling, no brush marks, latex that dries hard like enamel...

cabinets | Real Southern Living


How To Remove Sweat Stains From White Shirts

Garbage Disposal Cleaning Trick: The ice works well to sharpen the blades & dislodge any pieces of food, the vinegar will clean all surfaces, and lemon will leave a nice smell.

Easily Save $1,378 With the 52-Week Money Challenge. Get the Free Printable to Start!

DIY Moroccan inspired bedside tables

DIY Heart Map Decor. Cut out the cities you love in a heart shape and put them in an all glass frame. Ely/Babbitt, Hickory, St. Louis, FL Keys, Orlando/Disney World (cut out Mickey shape), Paramus/Hackensack

Don't Hit the Backspace Button

Finally!! An actual formula you can follow to create a well-designed room! Simple steps anyone can do!

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A lady at the post office taught me this trick and I have realized very few people know about it! You can turn a flat rate envelope into a pouch to increase the capacity. It holds more than a small flat rate box ($5.80) and about as much as a medium ($12.35) for only $5.60. So worth it! I do this all the time! Just fold the bottom both ways, and flatten it out from the inside, folding the corners and taping them up into a rectangular bottom. Secure with lots of tape. Happy shipping!

  • Candice Kamencik

    Volume wise, it really doesn't hold more, it's just a different shape. The face that ti's wider let's you put bigger items in, but it's also shorter. :) I do this a lot though too - the regular box is just too skinny.

DIY custom masking tape address labels / this is so great. OMG