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Huggy hugs!

Siberian cat.. ever want a hypoallergenic cat? Well here ya go.. the largest of the Domestic breeds, can top the scales at 20lbs

  • Adventures in Anderland

    They aren't completely hypoallergenic, but pretty dang good. We have one. My H is very allergic to cats and we always notice how bad he gets within 2 hours of going to a friend's house with a cat (face puffs, difficulty breathing) and how that doesn't happen at home. Plus, they have a dog-like personality, so loving and involved!

  • Ashley Pitre

    Do they shed?

  • Adventures in Anderland

    Alas, they do, but surprisingly NOT as much as you would expect from a long-haired cat. I've known many short-hairs that shed a lot more! Our cat at least, also pretty much never gets tangles or knots in his fur and incredibly few to almost no hairballs thrown up.

  • Trish Grasso

    I also have a Siberian and he is the nicest wee man - and the bonus is that I can cuddle him without breaking out with the sneezes and wheezes

wears her heart on her face.

Not for eating, for snuggling.

Are you guys warm yet?

Hippo Family

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Flying pillows filled with hatred

Rhinos in South Africa (by Dawn Valdez)

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best couch ever.

Absolutely my favourite picture of the day

A sloth peeks out from behind a door on a floating house in the 'Lago do Janauari' near Manaus, Brazil. via TheAtlantic

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