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Jenny Neto

Jenny Neto

I am a crochet lovin-glitter sprinklin-pink floyd listenin kinda girl

I actually sang this quietly under my breath the other day when my teacher was talking about evolution and theories of how the earth was created

  • Zoey Warthman

    don't mind me,I'm just looking at pins,watching the firework show that is the argument of "can you or can you not sing in a british accent" and its quite entertaining. I'm American by the way,and I can do 'normal' 'southern' and 'british' accents,both talking and singing. its fun singing 'let it go' from frozen in a british or southern accent. :D

  • Abi Cox

    I have to make sure to remember to say this when my teacher asks me this

  • Sky :)

    Where did the accent thing even come from

  • Emme

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooove this song

  • Reiley Donovan

    ....? Love this show and song but why argue about British accents...? Or any accents...? Who cares if you can sing in an accent or not.....

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