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Barbieri di Sicilia, ebook just in italian. Gorgeous pictures, and multimedia supports. Between a photo-reportage and an anthropological research.

The Sketchnote Handbook for Peachpit Press, and it's set for a Fall 2012 launch. It will be a 240 page illustrated book, sharing ways regular people can use sketchnoting techniques to make note-taking more memorable and fun.

Book Suggestion: The California Surf Project

A Free Bregaglia Bouldering Guide on iOS

I have in recent years been engaged in making hand-made collages. I take photos of areas in my neighborhood that I cut apart and join together again in new constellations. By doing this, I create imaginary places that are both recognizable and completely alien. These new sites are constructions and have no history, while the places where the photographs once were taken have a very important past. For me, deserted places have a great symbolic value. They represent society's backside, but also ...

It’s not only Jeff Bridges’ most iconic character who wishes we would just take it easy, man. While his stint as The Dude inspired a religion of its own, Bridges himself is a practicing Buddhist who meditates for a half an hour before starting work on set and aspires to infuse Zen sensibilities into his movies.

Therese Mangos and John Utanga trace the history and practice of tattooing (tātatau) in the Cook Islands through the ancient oral traditions of its people, reports of often repressive early Western visitors and rich archival material.

These essays and articles have never been collected-until now. Some have never appeared in print at all. In addition, Distrust That Particular Flavor includes journalism from small publishers, online sources, and magazines no longer in existence.

Content strategy is the web’s hottest new thing. But where did it come from? Why does it matter? And what does the content renaissance mean for you? This brief guide explores content strategy’s roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not only how it’s done, but how you can do it well. A compelling read for both experienced content strategists and those making the transition from other fields.

Jay Greene's new book on the power of design wears its affiliations right on the book jacket. The logos of all eight companies he profiles are stamped right on the cover, although perhaps Virgin Atlantic gets an extra psychological shout-out, since the subtitle and author credit seem to owe a little debt to the form of luggage tags.

The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide

Lo Zen e l'arte di vivere con i Coniglietti. Pensieri, foto... uno spaccato di vita di come questi due Nigli hanno migliorato il mio modo di vivere.

Il fiume come insegnamento di vita, nelle parole di un grande canoista italiano. In questo libro Maurizio Bernasconi rievoca alcune delle sue discese, dall'Himalaya alle sorgenti del Nilo, fino al nostrano Ticino in piena.

John Gill: Master of Rock

Slightly old but worty!!! Clicking - 17 Trends That Drive Your Business--And Your Life

A Bit old but Amazing: today managers have to learn a lot!

Dancing naked in the mind field