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free printable paper snowflake patterns

Researchers at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center have gathered samples of snow from around the country and are studying them under a microscope. To keep the flakes in their original shape, they’re viewed on a surface that has been chilled to -170 Celsius, or -224 Fahrenheit. (The microscope they use is understatedly labeled “low-temperature.”)

Coffee Filter Snowflakes--Ive always wondered how to get that snowflake shape!

  • Meri Michaud

    Sadly, the way this is folded and cut does not give that last design. Tried it twice, doesn't work. That's sad, because I love the design

Basic snowflake shapes. Take your students outside during a snowstorm! Black paper and tripod magnifier, small pad & pencil to sketch all the different shapes they can find. Back inside: Draw giant-sized on board or poster paper with colored chalk. Is there a relationship between type of weather & snowflake shape?

Snowflake Activities for Kids

STENCIL 4 pc. Snowflake Winter Primitive Christmas shapes home decor signs

Paper cut-outs of snowflakes create a visually striking Christmas "curtain." Cut out snowflakes in different shapes and sizes and tape or glue together.

Cheap Christmas Decorations

Not paper, but close...Crystal Snowflakes overnightout of Borax 1. Form your pipe cleaners into a snowflake shape or whatever shape you desire, while you boil water. 2. Add water to your mason jars. 3. Mix in borax. Stir it but don't worry if it isn't completely dissolved. 4. Attach your pipe cleaner shape to the string and hang it from the pen/pencil while submerging it in your jar. Leave overnight.

More paper snowflake patterns! Must start cutting...

Bon Temps Beignet: Faux Sneaux Flakes

I have to pin anything with paper snowflakes.