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hello, yes, this is dog.

Hahaha the dogs last expression :D

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, Florida

Hunger Games

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Meanwhile, in Hollister...

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  • annie seroyer

    Is anyone else concerned that her stomach is a completely different color from the rest of her body?!?

  • Lety Villicana

    I need to get on the ball summer time is coming !

  • T. E. Hering

    The world is flat. In the eyes of my stomach, wink-wink.

  • Candra Fox

    Lol Annie I was thinking the same.

  • Taylor Davis

    That chick didn't get those abs with that routine. I promise you. In order to get abs like that, you have to eat 0 carbs and work on it constantly. It's a life style and she's probably competitive.

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