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Even more pick-up lines from a galaxy far, far away! Jonesin' for some more geeky pick-up action?! If you've already gone through the last 16 Star Wars Pick-Up Lines, never fear! Here's a whole new batch of smooth lines to ensure you go home with the gentlebeing of your choice! May the mojo be with you!

pick-up lines for those who love Carbon-14, blue shells, Song of Storms, WinRAR and asymptote

Star Wars pick up line ;)

Nerdy Harry Potter pick-up line.

As much as it DESPISE valentine's day...These are hilarious.

‎Star Wars Pick-Up Lines! Dating and Science fiction, a match made in heaven! Check out all 30 for the next time you're tongue-tied talking to that sexy Twi'lek at the cantina!

Really old school pick up, REALLY old school.

Harry Potter Pick up lines?!?!?!?!?! LOL!!

Elf pick-up lines, just in time for Christmas! Click through to see them all!

.... read it again , slower , and pay attention to the what you are reading. HaHaHaHaHa !!! .... ROTFL !!! .... Now the farce is with you !!! LoL !!!

Best pick-up line ever. Nerd Alert. Hahahahaha! :)

UGH! So many nerd card ideas. Why aren't there more holidays!?! You say every day could be a holiday? DONE.

Couldn't help but share it.

Nerdy Pick Up Lines...Part 2

"I want to be your girlfriend more than an electron wants to attach to a proton" -Easy A

nerdy pick up lines:)

Nerdy pick-up lines

Funny Valentine Love Card Nerdy Pick up Line by InspirationMoveMe, $4.00

My favorite nerdy pick up line