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Cupcakes baked in ketchup cups, so cute for a party or a shower! You can use a flat baking sheet too as the cups are strong enough and don't need a muffin tin

"They actually tied a knot. They tied a fisherman’s knot and it’s the strongest knot. The rope will break before the knot comes undone and the knot only gets tighter with pressure." -- Such a wonderful idea!

Guestbook Stones- I think it's a great idea. You can have it on display at home, unlike a regular guestbook where you would barely ever look at it again.

8. Perfectly Pleated Oh gosh, how adorable! Yes, the headband is cute, too. This is a fantastic handmade headband idea because it is so easy to glam up or dress…

relationship contract. :) hahah we actually do the last ones for each other!

So pretty you wouldn't want to cut into it!