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College graduate problems

Funny ecard I try to avoid things that make me fat, like mirrors, scales and photographs.

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Funny eCards

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Indulge is an Emotional Fitness Exercise, but think about what matters and do not over-indulge.

Doing absolutely nothing on the weekends has started to feel more fun than actually going out.

if it has tires or desticles, it's gonna give you problems... My life at the moment...

Funny ecard - Sometimes I sit quietly -

"I'm a lady, but when I'm mad, I'm an evil sadistic demon spawned bitch from hell that'll make you wish you were never born... And when I'm happy, I bake cookies and shit."

Funny Ecards. For you Gene Schaffer... remember one time at a music practice when Becky asked you if you could hear better with your glasses on...LOL LOL LOL

Please don't judge me for the ecards you see on my pinterest board. I have no control over the humour I find in them ;-) | eCards

but i guess you're finally figuring this out. you should have left me alone when i asked you to.

I wake up with a good attitude every day... then idiots happen.

You obviously don't know me very well if you think for one damn moment that I'm going to put up with your bullshit. #ecards hahaha Right!

Ecards About Work | Tis true. *sigh* #ecards #humor #work @withinyouwithoutyou (Taken with ...

You play the Victim so well I'm surprised you don't carry your own body chalk. #ecards #funnies #HILARIOUS

Don't let people push you around. Unless it's in a wagon or something, because that could be fun.

Most people should do this most of the time. . .at least around me. Thanks to those of you who comply!

sometimes i think of the sun and the moon as lovers who rarely meet, always chase and almost always miss one another, but once in a while they do catch up, and they kiss, and the world stares in awe of there eclipse....