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Much of the “Housewives” plot surrounding Teresa and Joe has centered on their money troubles, but it all came to a head last year when the couple were indicted on a long list of fraud charges.

The price tag is even bigger than the one that's been dangling from the eaves of the Beverly House, the mansion that hosted William Randolph Hearst, honeymooners JFK and Jackie, and one very famous horse head.

Such investments might seem surprising -- until you consider that more than two-thirds of American households own a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association.

“You can’t help but smile when you walk in,” listing agent Mark Overstreet says of Rose City. “It’s right out of a cowboy movie.”

So he has cut the price yet again -- bringing it down to $8.8 million, nearly half his original asking price.

“It just seemed a shame that so many of these nice homes are being torn down."

And so the "Sky Penthouse" atop the nearly finished Odeon Tower, an apartment that was expected just last year to sell for perhaps a quarter-billion dollars, is now the object of speculation that it could go for nearly twice that.

Which home wins the day?

Our friends at Trulia report that he just sold the ludicrously baby-unfriendly place for $9,925,000, which means he made about $1.5 million on the deal.

Kenneth Reiner, an inventor whose aircraft nuts and pincurl clips made him rich, commissioned the estate known as Silvertop from architect John Lautner.

The developers came up with the Harry Potter theme on a whim, though they didn’t know much about the popular books. They held an informal contest among the J.K. Rowling readers in their office and got back a long list of submissions.

The 11,000-square-foot contemporary, at 4793 East Charles Drive in Paradise Valley, Arizona, has an indoor basketball court with a retractable batting cage and courtside, restaurant-style booths. That’s all next door to the theater room with a bar and reclining seats.

Cheviot Hills was once a middle-class neighborhood whose central location relative to the movie studios made it a magnet for workers of limited means, according to local real estate agent Rory Posin, who grew up in the neighborhood and still lives and works there.

The newly built "French Country piece de resistance," with about 15,500 square feet of living space (including 8 bedrooms, 10 baths and an "entertaining pavilion") on 3 acres, was listed at about $21 million.

She has owned the property for about 30 years, records suggest. She and her husband, Sid, bought it not long after they established their weight-loss kingdom, based nearby. He died at the house in 2008.

The 7,607-square-foot Spanish-style home is gated, with views of Catalina Island.

Brooks and Miss Yearwood, as he still affectionately calls her, bought the house in 2008 for just under $5 million, about 10 percent off its original asking price.

Designated a National Historic Landmark, the street is sitting on a gold mine of early American architecture ranging from 18th-century colonials to federation-style row houses once owned by bakers, shipwrights, glassblowers and other tradesmen.

Lucci and her husband of 44 years, Helmut Huber, commissioned the house 25 years ago and have spoken warmly of it.

If it sells at that price, it will be the most expensive home ever sold in the United States.

The discipline imposed by a genuinely small place doesn't rule out extravagance, it just forces you to decide what's really important.

Not only did the house go for its asking price, it went into contract only about two weeks after its listing.

Bombshell Lana Turner once lived there; so did figure skater Sonja Henie.

The “Chinatown” star, whose Oscar and Emmy are on the mantle in listing photos, has decided to move into a smaller place.