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This island home on Orcas Island has garden space and pasture area for horses.

An ultra-efficient tiny kitchen. The dishwasher, cooktop and refrigerator all live in drawers.

A moving wall can divide this tiny home's space into two bedrooms. (Animated GIF.)

The kitchen of this shape-shifting London studio hides away when not in use. Here it's shown half open.

The kitchen drawers in this shape-shifting London studio line up with the rise of the stairs to the sleeping loft. Says the architect, "Everything fits together like a three-dimensional puzzle. We used every inch of available storage space."

This is the view from the 58th floor of One Madison. Rupert Murdoch just bought the floor as his new home -- and the 57th floor, and the 59th floor, and the 60th floor.

The amenities at One Madison include a lap pool with marble walls and floor-to-ceiling views up Madison Avenue.

The tall, thin One Madison, center, overlooks the MetLife Tower with its famous clock in Manhattan. Rupert Murdoch just bought the top four floors. Photo by Chris Ford, Flickr.

March 11: The bizarre past of Rupert Murdoch's jaw-dropping new Manhattan digs | Spaces - Yahoo Homes

London architect Laura Jane Clark converted abandoned public restrooms into a posh 600-square-foot loft -- for about $100K:

Suzanne Somers' estate, modeled on the five-star Oustau de Baumanière hotel in Provence, has many hard-to-believe features: a wooden funicular cable car on a rail; a nearly century-old guesthouse made of rocks collected from the landscape; an outdoor amphitheater, dance floor, hiking trails and natural waterfall.

Suzanne Somers' Palm Springs home is carved into the landscape and reached by a wooden funicular tram.

Suzanne Somers' desert estate has a guesthouse made of rocks scavenged from the landscape.

Is this the most beautiful backyard pool in America? We think it might just be. We got the background details on it:

These two young artists quit their jobs to build this glass house in the woods. Read their story and see a really lovely video here: