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Akward Facebook moments

All the weird things that happen on facebook

ok.... this IS scary !!! if you can't remember something like that - that means you are in a real pits.... reminds me of married with children episode where Marcy woke up married to Jefferson without remembering anything about it

Killer :-) My coworkers are fucking children!!

Gever Gever Hello Kitty ??

yet ANOTHER person that think that Facebook is google and spread his perverts around

I thought that was google - wrong window

.Why does facebook has an option for the writer to like his status ? of course he is ! he wrote it !

The father didn't really get the concept of Facebook which is diffrent than google obviously (obviously to whom than again...)

Not really Ackward but something that relates to facebook

I played hooker with my 5 years old today!

the test results are back .... you are positive - i couldn't reach you on the phone so i facebooked you but in the wrong box - how could i delete this (if anyone is reading this please stop now this is a private message for Daniel)

I know about your little problem and i have a solution

I am talking about my grandpa!

I am not your son ! the full version

wearing a tutu to bed?

Anyone knows where can i download a webcam?

Would never buy a car that is not american

Opps ... that's why you dont add the people you work with to your friends !