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Decorative "Stone" Garden Edging Border

Color: Natural Grey or Sandstone Piece Size: 4"h x 7.5"L Material: High Density Polypropylene with a UV stabilizer Includes: All necessary spikes and FREE SHIPPING to your door* *continental United States Product Advantages: 1. No Digging! 2. Durable 3. Simple 4. Versatile This edging is a brand new, innovative, patent pending landscape edging system unlike anything else on the market today. The edging system has appearance of a natural stone barrier.

This is one straight section piece and one tapered end piece of decorative stone edging.

Front shot of the corner pieces. This displays two corner pieces in grey and sandstone.

this is the 90 degree corner pieces or the decorative stone edging.

this is the end piece to the decorative stone edging border.

This decorative stone edging displays the two color options...Grey and sandstone...ships free in the U.S.