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"Reading a book before bed tires your eyes. As a result, your brain is tricked into feeling tired and falling asleep is easier." I knew it!!!!

zodiacmind: Amazing Zodiac Facts Here

"I’m A Virgo!"…. Words from a Virgo.

Work sucks

Louvre, Paris France - OMG! Knowing that I will see this museum in person, go inside and view amazing historic art in nearly 2 wks makes my ❤️ smize! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes are rich peanut butter cupcakes topped with a sweet and loaded cookie dough frosting packed full with peanut butter, chocolate chips and M&M candy! This is the best cupcake recipe ever!

Yep. Trying these! Introducing Bandelettes, a Sexy New Way to Prevent Thigh Chafing Where have you been all my life?! (if they stay up)

  • Kristine Kennedy

    The model in the picture does not have a thigh chafing problem... :)

  • Kayla Kitty

    How would they stay up while running?

  • Sara Feehan

    On the website, they have ones that aren't lacy because male runners were interested in them for the same reason, which is why they made those ones. I don't think the lacy ones would work very well for running though.

  • Lucy everingham

    Love these. I bought my pair from, she has the full range of Bandelettes in Australia.

  • Rachel Green

    They have silicon on the inside. They stay put through everything!!!! I have them and they are amazing!

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