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Game of thrones

Learned quickly not to get attached to the characters…

Tyrion Lannister

Twitter / Cersei_Lanni:

I really like the way Oberyn looks to Ellaria before making decisions- it does a nice job of showing the power she has derived from the female-driven society of Dorne, and the kind of trust they have formed after all these years. Underneath all the orgies and DGAF attitudes they both do well, they really do love and respect each other. It'd be nice to see a love scene between the two of them alone in their bedroom, out of the brothel, just to see the contrast.

Game of Thrones Fan Art: Oberyn Martell & Ellaria Sand

Lyanna Stark. there is something about her that moves me. We know nothing about her, but she is an important piece. -- note the blue roses --


Lestat to Louis - The Queen of the Damned