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Colored tips-- 1. Wet your hair where you want the color to be. 2. Twist your hair and stroke with a soft pastel (like the chalky kind you create art with.) 3. Let hair dry and run a brush through the hair to remove excess chalk. 4. Style your hair in a way where it will not move a lot. It is best to braid your hair or pin it up in a bun to save your clothes from forming into the color of your hair.

ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) Lock & Twist Gel - This stuff is fabulous! I learned about it from one of my YouTube subscriptions. It is a great moisturizer AND great styler in one. I use it for twists/twist outs and braids/braid outs and the result is soft, shiny hair. Not sticky or crunchy at all.

Style when wet by creating corkscrews, and then twist into a Hawser braid. Let hair dry and then remove braid and corkscrews.

1. Part your hair, wherever your part happens to fall naturally. 2. We’re starting with the weave-braid-ish thing at the top. Grab a chunk of hair from either side of your head, I took mine from the vicinity of around/right above my ear. Give each chunk a couple of twists, maybe spritz with a little water or product if your hair is especially slippery, and then cross them, right over left, in the back of your head. 3. Grab two more chunks, this time from lower–I did behind/below the ear. Th...