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Make a Lego Zip Line with some string and a few pieces of Lego - fun! #kids #crafts #Lego

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

Bubble recipe

The Objective of the Lego Listening Game … is for one player to arrange his/her blocks in exactly the same design/pattern as the other player. The catch is that players cannot see each others’ blocks/board but must rely only on verbal instructions. This is a fabulous game for developing both spoken language and vocabulary as well as listening skills!

Use rolling shades to make a fort. You can attach them to any table or desk and make an instant fort (that goes away just as fast!!) Love this

Free home organizing printables

Paint on the Ceiling: Indoor Cardboard City Play Space

DIY Lego ice creams.

Kids love this simple game with clay or playdough!

Playful Learning: My Little Dress Up Book. Imaginative play with felt pieces

DIY Number 2 Pencil Crossbow

Gorgeous & Peaceful. A nice addition to a quiet corner. Love the brush. Love the buttons. {Colored Salt Tray Invitation to play from the Imagination Tree}

Kids follow directions to place band-aids on a toy while they learn about prepositions (between puppy's eyes, behind puppy's ears). Use either oral or written directions.

Name Craft - Great for fine motor skills!

DIY Wind-Up Paper Butterflies by via Amelia of The Homebook via youaremyfave via handmadecharlotte: Great! #DIY #Crafts #Butterfly

Recycle old CDs: Free printable clock faces to mod podge onto old CDs

Simple Small Worlds: Frog World - for the wee ones