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so relatable (haha,so truee,true story,lol,funny,relatable)

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this reminded me of bob this fred.

LOLSOTRUE - lolsotrue tumblr (funny,funny quotes,lolsotrue,lol,witty,humor,teenagers,life,relatable,typography)


(wild,drunk,bestfriend,smirnoff,alcohol,friendship,fun,crazy) oh god.

Best Friends Things. lololol. its 223am haha im still awake and you are sleeping. ♥

i really cant wait to go camping.

  • Cheyenne (:

    Dear bestfriend, don't worry I will always be here!! I cant wait to go camping either(: I love you!! Goodbye now! Love me(the cooler friend(;)

i miss you so much. im gunna cry right now. dude, i cant wait till wednesday. two more days. :D

  • Cheyenne (:

    i miss you too!!!!!!!! i love you soooo much!!!!! we are going to have sooo much fun!!

i thought of you when we were on the twister...♥

this is about 3/4 of the time we spend together.