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"The Matrix" bend for abdominals, thought it does make you feel some serious burn in the quads

The Matrix | Women's Health Magazine

Eight serious LOWER ab moves from Olympic trainers that will score you a rock solid middle section.

Flat Belly Fast—No Crunches! Four Moves That Guarantee You'll Get Abs In Six Weeks

Plank Leg-Lifts ➤ Doing these plank leg-lifts on an exercise ball further challenges balance to help strengthen core while you work backside: Lie on belly on an exercise ball, & walk your hands out so the ball is underneath shins. Hands should be underneath shoulders. Draw navel toward spine to engage abs, will help keep spine straight & body stabilized. Lift right leg into the air, slowly lower it back toward the ball, don't let it touch. This counts as 1 rep. Keep your pelvis level

Dip Strawberries in Yogurt and Freeze for a snack :)

Victoria's Secret Model Butt Workout. I'm gonna have to try this. It's no joke, small movements like this or pulses are what kill the most. Ummmm, all I'm thinking when I look at this is ARMS!

Pre-Workout Protein Balls - These peanut butter protein balls taste like chocolate chip cookie dough but offer the ideal blend of protein and carbs you need before a tough strength-training session. | Oxygen Magazine

LEAN LEGS WORKOUT...she has the best abs and legs are still sore from doing her workout 2 days ago! like having your own personal trainer :)

Holy moly - I have found it. This blog is awesome! She gives circuit workouts, meals, and motivation!

tone your gut- Everytime I use a work out ball I end up laying on it on my stomach and pretending I am swimming, but I will try this.

Eight serious LOWER ab moves from top Olympic trainers that will score you a rock-solid middle

I've never felt better about myself, it's been an amazing transition. I owe it all to Doctor Oz for the advice!