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Repaint Tonner dolls

About Akoi: Mei Li repaint and highlight by Jon Copeland Seljo Spa

Akoi | Tonner Doll Duels

About The Voodo Doll: Cami All Star and her first Rock Tour ! Get your ticket now !

About 4 Nu Mood Lily basic: left to right Nu Mood Tyler Lily basic (2012), Nu Mood Sydney Lily basic (2012), Nu Mood Breathless Lily basic (2012), Nu Mood Jess Lily basic (2012)

About The Degas Dancer: Tyler Nu Mood in Patricia Holt dress, Antoinette Wig... can wait for the Finishing Touches for her feet.

About New Day: Basically Precarious

New Day | Tonner Doll Duels

About Vanessa: Vanessa is a Celebration Tyler doll repainted by Tracy Weston.

About As time goes by Sydney: As time goes by Sydney (2005)outfit Ambient Luxe (2008)

About C’est Magnifique: C’est Magnifique Tyler Wentworth (2005)

C’est Magnifique | Tonner Doll Duels