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Walter White / Heisenberg - Breaking Bad. I'm seriously going to bawl my eyes out after Sunday.

If you're making mistakes, it means you're out there doing something. ~Neil Gaiman

Here's another awesome quote about creating! "The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." - Neil Gaiman | #quotes #creativity #inspiration

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"I want you to show them the difference between what they think you are and what you can be" ʚϊɞ

above all else guard your heart - proverbs 4:23

She was beautiful, deep down to her soul.

And remember to help others on your journey, even a smile can change another persons day!

Truth. I've let go quite a few "friends" b/c I couldn't handle the drama and negativity anymore!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. A whole new world, yaj =). Does not mean it's gonna be easy, because it's all new..