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Nux vomica, Great for kidneys - Heartburn or Drowsiness Due to Excessive Eating or Drinking. Learn more about homeopathic remedies and science.

According to Ayurveda, good digestion is the most significant factor in our overall health. It will not only ensure prevention of disease, but ultimately lead to feelings of lightness, energy, and bliss. Eating the right foods for your dosha, or mind-body type, is one way to keep your digestion strong. Read more about Chef Johnny Brannigan’s view on the Art of Digestion.

The Vedic Chef: 3 Vegan Meals to Balance the Doshas

Tips on how to remove the ethylene to slow the ripening of your Bananas.

How can you tell if you're "Truly" getting Organic food at the grocery store. Quick tips for smart savvy shoppers...

  • YogaHub.TV | Wellness

    The above is a YouTube video and the link jumps directly to the 7 minute mark where Tracy Harrison discusses some great tips for getting the real goods at your local grocery store.

On Trinity of Life - catch the creator of Custom Probiotics discuss the wonders of Acidophilus Adult Formula CP-1: is a proprietary blend of five highly viable strains of live microorganisms, with a total count of 50 billion Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria per capsule guaranteed at the time of expiration. Most specific for the small and large intestines.

Eat More Yogic: Creamy Carrot Yam Soup We have been posting several delicious recipes from her before so we're really excited to announce our collaboration with Kyra's Kitchen! Kyra has developed a lovely creamy carrot yam soup with cashew lime cream and cilantro oil especially for Be More Yogic. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare. Good food for yogis we say! Creamy Carrot Yam Soup Recipe developed by Kyra's Kitchen

Ginger works as an antinausea remedy and improves overall digestive health. Add it to hot water for a soothing tea.

7 Foods to Ease an Upset Stomach

Ginger may be a better remedy for indigestion and heartburn than acid-blocking medications. A recent study compared the anti-ulcer and anti H. pylori properties of acid-blocking agent Iansoprazole to those of ginger. Researchers found that ginger inhibited acid production better than the Iansoprazole. I use ginger in most of my cooking and as a fresh tea. ~Suzy Cohen

The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul Posted on March 23, 2011 by Danielle Prohom Olson I was delighted when I first came across Liz Koch’s amazing work because it confirmed much of what I’d been intuiting on my own. I had begun to open and close my yoga practise with hip opening poses with the specific intention of releasing tension in my psoas and hip flexors. I’d breathe and imagine tension flowing out of constricted muscles to be released as energy into the torso.

The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul